the author

Dave spends most of his days working in a medium sized IT department. His desk faces a large and uninspiring grey wall in a freezing cold building with no windows.

Currently renting a house near Southampton with another recent graduate, Dave daydreams about having enough money to claw his way onto the property ladder. He drinks too much coffee, eats too little fresh fruit, and doesn't call his mother often enough.

the site

The site was set up while I was at uni as a place to put my CV and as a way to showcase stuff that I can do. Over the years it has (d)evolved into the site you cast your eyes on today. These days it's less of a showcase as it is my little place in which to play with Java, JavaScript, CSS and what have you, put up embarassing pictures of myself and my friends and generally mouth off.

The title is the combination of the first animal that popped into my head and the colour of the t-shirt I was wearing when I registered the domain. Inspiration was never my strong suit.

Oh, one last thing, just so we're clear: and it's author in no way endorse the spraypainting, dyeing or otherwise discolouring of innocent housepets. Guilty ones are another matter...